A place you’re excited to go to every week for the rest of your volleyball career…



Houston Force is small, family oriented volleyball club. You feel comfortable within 5 minutes of being here. We are the newest volleyball club in Katy only being open 4 years. Our specialty is indoor volleyball for players between 12 & 18 years old.

We are growing our programming by starting our Little Yodas (3-6yrs) class. As well as a program for our 10-11 year old players who can’t wait to play junior high volleyball yet.

Our Director, Brittany Arduini, is a volleyball Guru. She takes the time to get to know you from the first time you walk through the door.

Not only does she know volleyball but she takes the business side of everything very serious as well.

You can ALWAYS get ahold of Brittany.

Now let’s get to the good stuff.

Why you want to choose Houston Force as the club your daughter wears on the front of her jersey…

  • Hate Bullying?
    • Yeah, we do too!!
  • Want great coaching?
    • We have the BEST! Our coaches love being in the gym teaching players the game. And with all their years of playing collegiately or coaching all ages, you can’t go wrong.
  • Need a hands on Executive Director?
    • That’s our girl Brittany.
  • Hate when you can’t get ahold of anyone and no one returns your phone calls?
    • We don’t even understand how that’s possible. You’re the most important person to us, we WILL call you back.
  • Do you love organization as much as we do?
    • I’m sure you do! If you need to know something, we let you know. Brittany gets pretty creative with her communication. Anyone like to watch videos?
    • Not only is Brittany organized, so are our coaches.
  • How about some AWESOME player gear?
    • We got you covered – Under Armour – Enough said.
  • OH! We know you like to look good on the sidelines too while you ‘quietly’ cheer for your daughter.
    • Don’t worry we got your back, literally! Parent gear is kinda our jam
  • Private Lessons?
    • Yes, we offer them.