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Modernizing the Coach-Athlete Relationship

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

In our pursuit to improve the modern coach-athlete relationship, we have identified six specific areas that are instrumental to enhancing the student-athlete experience.

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At Houston Force we have partnered with Ecsell Sports that gathers direct feedback from EVERY PLAYER through Coaching Effect Surveys to gather frequent data that guides coaches to resources for continued improvement.

Check out this video from Ecsell -->

Ecsell focuses on these six themes, not out of a hunch or gut feeling; they’ve come to this conclusion after studying and analyzing input from more than 150,000 interactions between coaches and student-athletes.

"These themes will help us measure programs so we can best determine a path to improving the student-athlete experience."

Here's how we will utilize 6 key behavioral

coaching themes to provide feedback and resources for continued coaching improvements and making sure our athletes are heard!

Theme #1 - Psychological Safety

Constructing an environment that allows student-athletes to be their own true self without fear of negative consequences.

Theme #2 - Connection

Building relationships of trust with student-athletes.

Theme #3 - Structure

Establishing an organized, consistent, and predictable team environment.

Theme #4 - Skill Development

Advancing competence and technique so student-athletes perform to the best of their ability.

Theme #5 - Challenge

Creating unique growth opportunities for each student-athlete that moves them out of their comfort zone.

Theme #6 - Communication

A coach’s capacity to effectively share information, strategies, and expectations with their student-athletes.

Tell Us What You Think!

We know we are really excited about this partnership and a novel way of approaching club volleyball, but we want your thoughts too!

Leave us a comment below!

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