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ATX Showcase Recap: Celebrating Empire Teams' Achievements

As the season progresses, the competition intensifies, and the excitement reaches new heights. This past weekend, our 15 and 17 Empire teams went on a exhilarating journey to Austin to participate in the ATX Showcase. It was a thrilling experience, filled with exciting talent from outside the Houston area, and provided a fantastic opportunity for our athletes to showcase their skills while exploring the vibrant city of Austin.

Neil Hammack

Head Coach

"The 17 Empire team had an impressive performance at the ATX Showcase in Austin, TX is a testament to their hard work and dedication. Securing a 6th place finish overall, they showcased their talent going 3-0 in pool play and defeating the top seed team in an intense three-set match. Qualifying for the Gold bracket on Sunday morning, where they went 1-1! With consistent improvement and a track record of qualifying for the gold bracket in four out of five tournaments, it's clear that this team is one to watch out for in the future. Keep up the great work, 17 Empire!"

Shayla Bee

Head Coach

"ATX Showcase was 15 Empires first travel tournament and offered the team many different things. It was a valuable learning opportunity for the athletes, providing exposure to competitive teams outside the Houston area and offering insights into the challenges they'll face in upcoming qualifiers. Despite the tough competition, the team showcased their potential by tying for 7th out of 48 teams—a commendable achievement for their first travel tournament. This performance shows their capabilities as a team and sets the stage for a promising season ahead."

We couldn't be prouder of the outstanding performances from both of these teams! Week after week, they've displayed unwavering dedication, putting in the effort to learn and improve, and their hard work truly shone through at this tournament. It's evident that their commitment to growth and development has paid off, and we're thrilled to see their progress as they continue through the season.

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