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Our Teams

Everything matters. Every Team. Every Player. Every Touch.


12-18 Empire (National)

Houston Force's Empire (National) teams are the highest caliber athlete. The Empire team will train to win, and compete at the club's highest level. 

The Empire team will get the opportunity to travel out of the state of Texas and compete at a National Qualifier for the chance to qualify for Nationals in the summer. 

We are looking to bring more National teams to Houston Force in the future years. 


13-17 Galaxy (Regional)

Houston Force’s Galaxy team has a specific goal of winning, along with player development no matter how much training and work needs to be implemented, and are looking to develop their skills in order to make it through to next level (middle school, high school, and/or  college).


Our Galaxy teams travel to Dallas, San Antonio, Austin or Louisiana for 2 tournaments of their schedule. This gives them an opportunity to see competition from other parts of the region. 

Houston Force's regional level teams promise equal training, and player development, but not equal playtime.  

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11-16 Jedi/Alliance (Local)

Houston Force’s Jedi and Alliance teams are designed to provide a club volleyball experience with a lower level of commitment for time and money for those looking to get started. Dual sport athletes are welcome.


There is NO travel outside of the greater city of Houston. All tournaments are within this area.

Tournament schedule lasts through April.

Houston Force local teams promise EQUAL TRAINING, and equal development, and playing time at each tournament for each player, but do not promise equal playing time.

Our Teams

Club can be complicated, but we love answering questions.


Tuition and Fees

Fee amount varies by team but includes:

  • Player Gear

    • 2 Jerseys

    • 2 Practice Shirts

    • 1 Tournament Warm-Up T-shirt

    • Warm-up top and bottoms

    • Backpack

    • Socks

    • Knee Pads

    • Spandex

  • 2 Two hour practices per week

  • Coaches

  • Tournaments

*Fees do not include the USAV membership, scorekeeper certification, player hotels or transportation.

Financing Options

Don't let the big number scare you, we do monthly payments

  • We offer 8 month installment plans to help spread out the cost of the season.

  • We accept credit cards for tuition payments.

  • We offer a tuition work exchange program and a sponsorships sales program where players can raise money for their tuition.​

Year at a glance

June/July: Club Tryouts

August: Payments start. Uniform Fitting

November: First practice

December/January: First Tournament

March: Payments completed

May: Final Tournament

June: Post Season (Team decision to play/extra cost)

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