Come train at Houston Force to learn the skills and knowledge of the game! 

A Year at a Glance


Weekly skills trainings, camps, clinics, and club tryouts. June is spent getting ready for club tryouts, at the end of June or first week of July. Then all of July is spent training and getting ready for school tryouts the first week in August (High School). We continue to train and have camps for Junior High players to prep for school tryouts. 


Club season is in full swing, extra training is limited but we encourage you to reach out to a coach on our staff to book a private lesson and get extra one-on-one training. 


School is in full swing, so many players have busy schedules. We offer weekly skills trainings for all ages. We work on all skills, passing, setting, hitting with a great focus of serving. 


We offer a spring break camp in the spring, and start our camps and clinics at the end of our club season in May. 


Types of Trainings Offered at Houston Force

Summer Skills Clinics/Fall Clinics

One day a week from Mid-May to end of October, we offer our skills clinics where we spend an hour working on Passing/Serving and then the second hour working on Hitting/Setting. These skills clinics are open to all ages  and levels of volleyball players. Every rep is a good rep when you put in the work.



We offer 5 week program called VolleyJAM for 4th - 6th graders that are just learning the game. VolleyJAM is a program where we work on a specific skill or two for the first hour and then we spend the final 30 minutes playing games, and working 6 on the court together. 


Summer time is the big time for camps. Skills camps, position camps, team camps, and junior high prep camp are a few of the camps we offer during the summer.  


We love our 1 hour clinics that we offer throughout the year. We mainly focus on inexpensive clinics to get players more reps when needed. 

Private Lessons

One-on-one private training is going to be the best option for getting farther faster. Our coaches are in the gym doing private lessons constantly and would love to meet you and your daughter on the court!

Current Trainings

Junior High Tryout Prep Camp

August 10-12




The camp is designed to help prepare every player for junior high tryouts and what coaches will look for to help everyone better understand tryouts at the junior high level.  In addition, we will be training each player at a higher level and aim to prepare all players to make their top team at their junior high schools! We will be reviewing every individual skill and will split up groups based on age/grade/skill level to ensure all players are improving and being challenged.


Fall 2023 - 6th-8th Graders

Faith West Academy

Fall Clinics

FALL 2022


1 Hour - $25
2 Hours - $45

Weekly trainings from August - October. Registration to be posted soon.

Trainings will be 2 hours. Passing/Serving - 1 Hour
Setting/Hitting - 1 Hour

1 Hour = $25
2 Hours = $45



Faith West Academy

Coming Soon

FALLEYBALL Skills & Play

FALL 2022



5 Week Program for 4th-6th graders.

September & October

Each week we will focus on 1 skill for the first hour, and then the final 30 minutes will be game like drills.

Week 1 - Passing/Serving
Week 2 - Hitting
Week 3 - Setting/Serving
Week 4 - Combo Work
Week 5 - Combo Work/PLAY

Dates and Registration - TBA


3rd-5th Graders

Faith West Academy