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Behind the Scenes of Excellence: Unpacking the Coach Meeting Agenda

Katy, TX | Volleyball Coaches | Club Season | Juniors Volleyball | 2023-2024 Club Volleyball

The anticipation of a new season brings excitement and promise to athletes, coaches, and friends and family. It's a time when teams come together, aspiring to achieve their goals and dreams. Yet, behind the scenes, there's a crucial and often underestimated aspect that lays the foundation for success—the coaches meeting. These meetings serve as the launchpad for the season, where strategy, goals, and team dynamics are meticulously discussed and planned.

What's on the agenda?

We kick off every year with a profound dive into the Force mission, a mission that defines our core values and beliefs. Our mission is nothing short of spectacular: we aim to provide a comprehensive approach to volleyball, spanning from the fundamentals to advanced techniques. But that's not all – we couple these skills with essential academic and athletic values, shaping players who not only excel in the sport but also in academics and future life endeavors. Now, I know what's burning in everyone's minds – when do we practice, and when are the tournaments? Fear not, because the moment you've all been waiting for is soon approaching. This is something we go over as a staff before because it's not just about the schedule; it's about fostering a sense of unity and support within our Force family. We believe that it all starts from within, with our dedicated staff coming together to chart a course for our athletes' success.

Among the exciting topics on our agenda for discussion are:

Gym Culture:

Creating the right gym culture is crucial to our success. Our coaches are dedicated to fostering an environment where teamwork, sportsmanship, and relentless dedication thrive. We'll delve into the values that make our gym a second home for our athletes, where they can not only improve their skills but also build lifelong friendships and memories.


Our coaches are revving up their training programs to ensure our athletes are in peak condition. From strength and conditioning to skill-building drills, they're leaving no aspect untouched. We'll explore the exciting training routines and techniques that will push our athletes to their limits, helping them reach new heights in the sport.


Communication on the court is key, and our coaches are working on a specialized volleyball vocabulary to streamline play and enhance our team's cohesion. We'll uncover the unique terms and signals that will keep our athletes in sync, enabling them to make.

We are here to train and empower your players in the game of volleyball, but we also like to have fun! Can you tell? Keep an eye out to see photos from our meeting and see all the things our new and veteran coaches learned at our annual coaches meeting.


Let's hear from our coaches:

15 Imperial's Zemarah Lott "The coaches meeting is truly special; it's not just about planning for the season ahead, but it's also an opportunity for us to connect on a deeper level. We take the time to understand each other's motivations for coaching, forging bonds that go beyond the game. At Force, we're not just a coaching team; we're a close-knit family."


14 Galaxy's Amanda Friedman "I have been apart of the Force family for many years, the anticipation for each new season never wanes. I look forward to embarking on this journey, curious about the exciting surprises the season holds. However, the smooth sailing we've experienced wouldn't have been possible without the invaluable tradition of sitting down with the other coaches and meticulously preparing for the upcoming season. It's a crucial step that ensures our success."

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