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Courtside Chronicles: Highlights from the Cross Court Classics Tournament

Cross Court Classics stands out as one of the premier tournaments in Houston, drawing participants from all over the state of Texas to compete in the beloved sport amongst the vibrant backdrop of our city. Hosted adjacent to Discovery Green, the tournament boasts an atmosphere brimming with energy, complete with vendors and food trucks, adding an extra layer of excitement to the event.

This unique experience not only allows athletes to showcase their skills but also provides them with the opportunity to observe and learn from more seasoned players.

Team highlighted

Amanda Houston

12 Jedi Coach

At the Cross Court Classic, the girls showcased all the hard work and skills they worked on during practice over the past two weeks. We emphasized improving passing in serve/receive, effective communication, aggressive play at the net, and seizing opportunities with our serves.

Kennedy and Tatum dominated the net, scoring numerous points with powerful hits. Lily scored several points with her strategic tipping over the block and powerful serves, while Sophie excelled in the back row, delivering her best performance yet. Kailee displayed exceptional ball control, executing line shot kills from the outside position not once, but twice!

Brylee Peek

15 Galaxy Athlete

I have played for Houston Force for a few years now and The Cross Court Classic tournament is a tournament to look forward to every year. I had so much fun playing in it, I loved how the competition was so intense and it was so much fun to show off our skills and work together as a team. I also loved getting to meet other players who share the same passion for volleyball as I do and watch other teams play. Overall it was so much fun to be a part of such a wonderful volleyball community and I can’t wait for the next tournament!

Hannah Baker

16 Galaxy Coach

On the second day of the Cross Court Classic tournament, the intensity was palpable as the 16 Galaxy team stepped onto the court for their first match. However, things didn't go as planned initially, as they lost the first set. Despite the setback, the team didn't dwell on the defeat. Instead, they gathered for a crucial team huddle, where they strategized on adjusting their defense and emphasized the importance of aggression over tipping. This moment of reflection and unity proved to be the turning point.

With renewed determination and a clear game plan in mind, the girls of the 16 Galaxy team stormed back onto the court, unleashing their full potential. Their aggressive approach paid off tremendously, leading them to dominate the second set with an astonishing score of 25-2. It was a testament to their resilience and adaptability as a team. By their success, they continued to execute flawlessly, ultimately clinching victory in three sets. This remarkable display of teamwork and skill not only secured their position as pool champions for the bronze bracket but also earned them a commendable 33rd place out of 80 competing teams, proving that with perseverance and strategic thinking, any challenge can be overcome on the volleyball court.

This weekend was a new level of success for Houston Force. We had several teams playing and a few teams finishing 1st in their bracket. We saw so much growth with several of our athletes and teams and we can't wait to see them play in their next tournament.

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