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First Serves and Big Smiles: Houston Force First Unforgettable Tournament

stepping on the courts for the first tournament is momentous for any aspiring volleyball player. The blend of nerves and excitement creates a unique energy as they step onto the court.

Some of our talented athletes from 15 Jedi, 14 Jedi, and 13 Jedi competed in the Houston Power League for their first tournament of the season. The stands witnessed the collective hard and dedication our girls have been putting in as they prepare for the season marking the kickoff of an unforgettable season.

What do they have to say about it:

Paisley Freeman

15 Jedi Athlete

For the first tournament of the season, I think we played super well as a team. My teammates and I clicked super fast and were willing to learn and improve together. If we made a mistake we would put it behind us and forget about it and move on, which is something I can improve on. We were all super hyped and never got mad at each other for one's mistakes. Overall it went well and all of us had fun!

Hannah Baker

13 Jedi Coach

This is my first season back and I couldn't have been more excited to see the kids play in their first tournament, they have been working hard as a team to prepare. At first, they were a little nervous because many of them were new to playing competitive volleyball but after the first game, I would say the nerves were lost and excitement filled the court. The girls learned a lot of lessons throughout the day but overall I was proud of how we played especially our serving and defense.

Bella Wagler

14 Jedi Athlete

I was nervous at first because it was the first tournament but after a while the nerves went away and I was more excited to play the game I love. The thing I enjoyed the most during the tournament was playing libero. Everyone loves to hit but being able to dig the attack is more exciting for me. For our first tournament, we did pretty well and need to improve on working together and communicating more. I can't wait for the next tournament and see how we perform.

Our players, with each serve, spike, and dig, not only showed improvement but also pure joy on the volleyball courts. With each passing match, the stage is set not just for an exciting season but for a memorable journey filled with skill development, and the sheer delight of playing the game they love.

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