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Preparing for Excellence: What to Expect at a Volleyball Parent Meeting

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

A volleyball parent meeting is not just a routine event but the cornerstone of a successful and well-organized volleyball season. It marks the point where parents, coaches, and athletes unite to establish expectations and build a support system for the young athletes. This meeting is the backstage pass to understanding the inner workings of a volleyball season. From fostering team unity to clarifying expectations, it plays a pivotal role in ensuring a season that's not only productive but also enjoyable for all involved parties.

What to Expect at a Volleyball Parent Meeting:

  • Coach's Introduction: During this time the coaches will be introduced and their history with Houston Force.

  • Season Overview: A season overview is crucial as it outlines the structure and key milestones of the upcoming volleyball season. This includes practice schedules, tournaments other planned Force events. Knowing what to expect throughout the season helps parents and athletes plan their commitments

  • Houston Force Values and Expectations: The values and expectations of Houston Force are the guiding principles that define the club's culture and philosophy. They outline the core values and behaviors expected from both athletes and parents. Understanding and aligning with these values is fundamental to ensuring a positive and productive environment for everyone involved. It also promotes a sense of unity within the club.

  • Q&A Session: This time will provides parents to seek clarification and address any concerns they may have. It opens up communication between parents and coaches, ensuring that everyone is on the same page regarding expectations, schedules, and any other relevant matters.

  • Team Meeting: The team meeting is significant, it will be the time for athletes to meet their teammates and start building relationships. This will also be the time the coach will share his or her values, coaching philosophy and expectations for the season.

How to Be Prepared:

  1. USAV Membership: The USAV Membership is highly significant, as it allows your daughter to practice and participate in tournament.

  2. Utilization of a Journal and pencil: Given the substantial volume of information given and the potential for questions to arise, maintaining a journal can serve as a valuable tool for recording and recalling essential details.

  3. Joining SportsYou: This platform serves as one of our primary channels of communication, alongside email. Inclusion in this group is mandatory to ensure that no vital information is overlooked."

  4. Be Respectful: Remember that coaches and fellow parents are all there to support the athletes. Maintain a respectful and positive attitude throughout the meeting is important.

The season parent meeting stands as a pivotal occasion, resonating with a profound sense of both importance and excitement. It represents the essential bridge between parents, coaches, and young athletes, revealing the comprehensive roadmap for an extraordinary season ahead. As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming journey, these insights and preparations not only ensure a successful season but also foster an environment where young athletes can thrive, learn, and build lasting connections that extend far beyond the volleyball court.

Don't forget our parent meeting will be in the Faith West Auditorium across the breezeway from the gym. We will see our Local teams at 1:00pm and our Travel teams at 3:30pm!

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