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Serving Up Success: The Game-Changing Benefits of Our Own Volleyball Facility!

Katy, TX | Facility | Training | Club Volleyball | Athletes | Club Director

As the Director of Houston Force, I am excited on the progress of our new facility. We are currently finalizing the floor plan for the build out construction while waiting on contractor electricity to be turned on so they can finish the shell of the building. The hardwood floors have been ordered, along with our Sports Imports Net Systems, and we are really excited to have three training courts, which can be switched to two spacious courts for programming.

High Quality Training Environment

Having our own facility offers many benefits to our club. First and foremost, it means that we will always have access to a high-quality training environment. We won't have to worry about scheduling gym time at Faith West Academy, which can be both difficult and unpredictable. Instead, we can focus on practicing our skills and strategies in a space that is specifically designed for volleyball.

Personalized Training Opportunities

In addition to providing a consistent training environment, having our own facility will give our coaches more opportunities for court time to provide private and group training lessons. With our own space, we can offer more personalized training to our players, which can help them to improve their skills more quickly and effectively. This can ultimately lead to a stronger and more successful team, which is one of our core goals at Houston Force.

Fostering Community

By having our own facility we hope to help foster a sense of community among our players. Our new space will feel like a home base for players and coaches alike, making it easier for everyone to connect and build relationships. This can create a supportive team culture, where everyone is invested in each other's success and growth.

Let's Get Excited!

Overall, we are incredibly excited about the benefits that having our own facility will provide to the Houston Force. We believe that this new space will help us achieve our goals of providing a consistent training environment, offering personalized training opportunities to our players, and fostering a strong team culture. We can't wait to see what the future holds for our club, and we hope that you will join us on this exciting journey!

Stay tuned for future updates in our Monthly Newsletter!

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