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Brittany Arduini is going into her 17th year of club volleyball as a coach. Brittany has been in the volleyball world since she started playing in 7th grade making this her 20th year in volleyball. Houston has always been home for Brittany, starting her volleyball career at Spike sport and finishing at Willowbrook Volleyball club. After four years at Texas State and winning three Conference Championships, Brittany moved to Chicago and started her career in volleyball at Sports Performance where she learned from some of the greatest volleyball coaches in the country. The next step in Brittany’s career was in Houston where she worked for Texas Tornados and spent a year and half building her knowledge in running a successful volleyball club.

At the age of 23 Brittany decided she wasn’t done playing volleyball and went to Europe and played the second half of a season in Melk, Austria. Learning the culture of international volleyball has helped Brittany understand the differences of all levels of volleyball.

As a coach Brittany is dedicated to developing young players as well as teaching them life lessons. To be competitive at the highest level, players must not only develop the skills of their sport, but must also develop qualities of discipline, leadership, dedication, loyalty, self-esteem, sportsmanship and sacrifice to meet their goals. Her decisions as your player’s director are based first on what she believes is best for the club’s players, and second on what may improve the team’s chance of winning. Striving to win is essential; however learning correct technique and game strategy will benefit their game play for future competitions.

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