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Neil Hammack is entering his 19th year as a coach in the sport of volleyball. Throughout his years as both a player and a coach, he has always had a strong connection with the sport and wants to give back by providing young players with opportunities to grow. Neil looks forward to seeing players succeed and achieve their goals on and off the court, and being a part of that journey is a gift to him.
Neil's volleyball journey began in 7th grade when he started playing while living in Hawaii. He continued playing throughout high school and even played on the varsity volleyball team starting from his 9th grade year. He then went on to play college volleyball at Dallas Baptist University and participated in the open division of Men's USAV Volleyball.
As a coach, Neil's teams at TAV have had great success. His teams have qualified in the open division at the 16U and 17U levels, as well as the 15U American and 16U U.S.A. divisions. In the past three years, his teams have consistently finished in the top 45 in the region at the 15U, 16U, and 17U levels. In 2022, his team finished 3rd in the Elite division at the Lonestar regionals.
Currently, Neil is the varsity volleyball coach at Faith Academy Bellville, where his team won the school's first state championship last season. With his passion and dedication to the sport, Neil is excited to continue coaching and helping young players excel and reach their full potential in volleyball.

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