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Empire Prep Academy

Houston Force Empire Prep Academy is a 3 day camp where players will get position specific training while then being able to incorporate that training into combination style drills and playing. This camp is for our current Galaxy players and high school players in and outside the Houston Force program.

Position training will be 1 hour and competition training will be 1.5 hours.
DS/Liberos: 9:00-10:00am
Hitters (OH/RS/MB): - 10:00-11:00am
Setters: 9:00-11:00am
ALL ATHLETES: 11:00-12:30pm

DS/Liberos & Hitter Prep Academy - $115
Setter Prep Academy - $150
Two Positions - $150


Galaxy Prep Camp

Houston Force Galaxy Prep Camp is a 3 day all skills camp where players will work on their individual skills while also getting the opportunity to bring those skills together in drills where multiple skills will be needed. This camp is for our current Junior High aged Jedi and Alliance teams or anyone outside our program that plays on a local level team from 4th-8th grade.

March 14-16
1:00pm - 3:00pm
Cost: $99

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