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From Digs to Aces: Pro Volleyball League Recap

Get ready for the Pro Volleyball League! With seven teams hitting the courts this season, it's going to be huge. Players are already showing off their amazing skills, setting the stage for some top-notch professional volleyball action.

Week 1

The Atlanta Vibe came out swinging in their first games of the season, facing off against the Omaha Supernovas and Orlando Vilkyrise. In two thrilling matches, after the intense battles, they came out on top winning both of their first matches of the season.

The standout performances of the Atlanta Vibe players left spectators on the edge of their seats. Morgan Hentz, the libero for the team and a Stanford alumni, showcased her defensive skills with an incredible 25 digs and 12 assists in the first game. Not to be outdone, Karis Watson, a Clemson alumni and middle blocker for the Atlanta Vibe, wowed the crowd with an impressive hitting efficiency of 53% in the second game, proving why she's a force to be reckoned with on the court.

Week 2

After a tough and exhilarating game in week one the Omaho Supernovas brought another thrilling matchup against the San Diego Mojo, and they didn't disappoint. With their offense firing on all cylinders, the Supernovas dominated the court, clinching victory in just three sets. Brook Nuneviller, an Oregon alumni and outside hitter for the Supernovas, was unstoppable with an incredible kill percentage of 71% and no hitting errors, leaving opponents scrambling to keep up with her dynamic plays.

Adding to the excitement was Tori Dixion, the 6'4 middle blocker who previously played on the USA Olympic team. With a kill percentage of 55% and flawless execution, she showcased her expertise in every play, proving to be a formidable force at the net. The team's stellar passing game, boasting a POS percentage of 51%, and impressive defensive efforts with 44 digs, further solidified their dominance on the court, making them a force to be reckoned with in the league.

Week 3

The Vegas Thrill kicked off their season in early February with an action-packed schedule, facing off against both the Supernovas and Valkyries in a thrilling week of volleyball showdowns. In an intense battle against the Supernovas, both teams brought their A-game, delivering powerful kills, impressive digs, and lightning-fast plays. It all came down to the wire in the fifth set, with the Vegas Thrill on top in a thrilling 15-12 finish.

Kylie Murr, the libero for the Vegas Thrill, played a pivotal role in their success with her impeccable passing skills, boasting a serve receive passing percentage of 50%. This meant that after her perfect passes, the setter could effectively utilize all three of her hitters, contributing to the team's dynamic offense.

Later in the week, the Vegas Thrill faced off against the formidable Valkyries in another thrilling matchup. While both teams showcased their talents, it was the Valkyries who ultimately emerged victorious with a 3-1 finish. The Valkyries executed their plays flawlessly, tallying an impressive 50 kills, 6 aces, and a serve receive passing percentage of 45%, demonstrating their prowess on the court.

With each thrilling game and spectacular performance, the Pro Volleyball League is revolutionizing the landscape of professional volleyball in the USA. The days are gone when athletes had to venture overseas to pursue their passion post-college. Now, they have the opportunity to showcase their talents right at home, adding a new dimension to the world of volleyball. It's an exciting time for players and fans alike, as the league paves the way for a bright future in the sport we all love.

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