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Stepping Into Greatness: The Unveiling of Houston Force's New Home Ground

On the exhilarating day of December 3rd, our teams experienced a momentous occasion as we stepped into our new facility for our first practice, setting the stage for a new chapter of excitement and growth.

The air was infused with the scent of freshly installed wood, creating an ambiance of anticipation. The sound of joy through the space as balls bounced energetically, symbolized the beginning of a thrilling journey in our enhanced training environment. This significant milestone marks a pivotal moment for Force, and our athletes giving them a place to grow and flourish.


Having a new home is more than just a simple place to practice it's about building a community that can produce growth and relationships.

Building a Stronger Community: Beyond being a training ground, our facility serves as a community hub. It's a place where bonds are strengthened, friendships are forged, and supporters come together to share the joy of volleyball. The unity within these walls creates a vibrant community that extends beyond the court.

Consistency Breeds Success: With our facility, the era of adapting to different training environments is behind us. Consistency in training schedules becomes a reality, allowing our players to focus on their game without external disruptions. This stability is a crucial element in the recipe for court success.

Growth: Having a place to call home allows us to open doors to expanded programs, the hosting of events, and a positive impact on the local volleyball community.

What it means to the staff

Many of us couldn't be happier, but for some of us, it means a lot.

Brittany Ardiuni

Executive Director

This has been a journey, one I've really enjoyed doing. Houston Force has been a catalyst for me to help athletes become better volleyball players as well as independent young women. Growing the club seemed easy because it meant we could impact more athletes, but figuring out how to get into our own facility and have a place to call home seemed daunting. But by the power of relationships, it was an opportunity that happened at just the right time in our journey.

I'm beyond excited to call Katy Indoor our home and love knowing that the girls have a place they can come to when they want to train. Having a central place for all our athletes allows them to build bonds with players from other teams, while being challenged by other teams on the court next to them! We are fostering relationships between our athletes, coaches, and families.

Thank you to every person that has supported Houston Force along the way, and I hope that we are able to bring in more athletes in the future that lift our competition levels, family comradery, and sense of community. Stop by anytime and know that Houston Force is your second family and another home.


Zemarah Lott

Director of Operations

Mini-Club Director

Coach - 15 Imperial

Coming back to coach for Houston Force after being a part of their program as an athlete means the world to me. I wish I could say that I always knew I wanted to do this as my career, but unfortunately, it wasn't until I lost my love as a player that I realized that volleyball still meant the world to me, and this is where I belong. Coming back to such a welcoming family is nothing more than heartwarming, but being able to be a part of the growth is nothing more than extraordinary.

We have been in our new home for a month, and it has been such an experience being able to host events and seeing the growth, not only within our program but within the athletes, is amazing. From seeing the big smiles on the mini-club athletes to the hard work our club athletes are putting in is exciting and heartwarming.


Amanda Friedman

Coach - 14 Galaxy

Coaching for Houston Force for the last 6 years has been amazing! It makes it even better when you’ve known the director since high school, played in the city that you love while watching how big volleyball has grown. Being able to coach at a club that is learning its values, establishing its pillars of foundations, and developing a skill set or training programs have been some of the best conversations. Coach Brittany and I played for similar clubs and high schools; we were coached by some amazing coaches and directors who continue to make an impact today.

Practicing in the facility makes me proud of the sacrifices of past players and present players' families of Houston Force. Some parents have been with us, rooting for Coach Brittany and her staff to get to this point for years, and it's an amazing feeling to experience it with them. Even parents from my first team have reached out and said how proud they are of us. It is an awesome feeling to pull up to the facility and see the sea of red on the courts, knowing that those girls on the courts are ours and not other clubs. As proud as I am of myself, I couldn’t be prouder of the hard work and determination of Brittany to get Houston Force to where it is now. I love to see how our small conversations have turned into this 3-court facility, next stop 6 courts.


Stepping into our new facility couldn't be more exciting. It's not just a venue; it's our home ground where every player, coach, and supporter can feel a sense of belonging. The vibrant energy within the walls creates an atmosphere that fosters growth and a shared passion for the game.

Let us know if you've stopped by our new home and what you think!

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