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Houston Force Coaches: Building Unity and Family Off the Court!

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Katy, TX | Club Volleyball | Volleyball Coaches | Home Run Dugout | Coach Social

This past weekend, our coaches enjoyed a fantastic time at Home Run Dugout, batting away while building strong relationships and crafting unforgettable memories together. Witnessing our coaches not only committed to upholding our club values and fostering a family-like atmosphere on the court but also off the court is truly heartwarming. The bonds that have formed among our coaching staff have played an instrumental role in nurturing the positive club culture we have strived to create.

Home Run Dugout, far from being just an enjoyable getaway, served as a reaffirmation of our commitment to being more than just a volleyball club. It stood as a testament to the impact of fostering connections, pushing one's limits, and wholeheartedly embracing new experiences. As we look into the future, we are brimming with excitement about the continued growth and unity that these shared experiences will bring, not only to our coaches but to our entire Houston Force family. At Houston Force, we emphasize the idea of being more than just a volleyball club, striving to build a sense of family and a positive club culture that encompasses unity, trust, and communication, motivation and accountability, long-lasting bonds, and personal growth. These values and culture can have a profound and far-reaching impact on the club, parents, athletes, and everyone involved. Coaches play a central role in shaping and upholding these values, serving as leaders, role models, and mentors within the club.

What the coaches had to say

From one of our newest coaches, Kendall King: 'My time at Home Run Dugout meeting the coaching team was an absolute blast. Initially, it was an exciting yet nerve-wracking experience. However, as I started talking with everyone, their warm welcome immediately put me at ease. Sharing laughter, cracking jokes, and starting this journey of creating lasting memories with these people has me really excited for the season to come.'

From one of our Master coaches, Zemarah Lott: 'Stepping outside my comfort zone and exploring new experiences was truly exhilarating. Playing baseball, a sport I've never tried before, became a fun experience with April guiding me through the form and swing. That's what I cherish most about these moments with these coaches, is the opportunity to try new things, have a great time, and create memories with these people I proudly consider my extended family.'"

To say we are excited about the upcoming season after our time at Home Run Dugout would be an understatement. These coaches are ready to get your players in the gym and get training. Swinging the baseball bat brought out a side of competition that we are ready to see in your players. We will see our club players this Sunday at our 2nd Position Training, and we are one month closer to club season starting. See you soon!

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