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Raising the Standards of Club Volleyball

Introducing Club Director Brittany Arduini's Vision for Houston Force Volleyball!

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When I decided to branch out on my own and start Houston Force, I had no worries about the volleyball component and felt pretty confident in my business mindset and experience, but no one every truly explained how 80 - 100 families would rely on me to provide a family-oriented and inclusive experience that their athletes would look back on and smile while also finding value in our services. This was a new and scary challenge to take on!

Today we have continued to grow to host upwards of 10 teams by providing great coaching and that family atmosphere, but as all athletes know, you can never become satisfied. Now it's time we raise the standards. Five seasons later and some amazing discussions with mentors and colleagues, I’ve figured out what I am going to build the next 20 years on at Houston Force.

Building the Foundation

Having a launching pad from our sister-site in San Antonio really helped us accelerate the first couple of seasons by not having to worry about policies, branding, or the details, we could just focus on volleyball. Although we are Force Family, I really needed to figure out exactly what it was that Houston Force could become in the heavily saturated club volleyball market in the Houston area.

"What are the core values that we want Houston Force to stand for?" and "How are we going to set ourselves apart from everyone else?".

I recognized that we needed a foundation that led with core values that not only I believe in, but our coaches, players, and families would embody as well.

Empowering Our Program

Not only will our program utilize core values, but also a NEW System that develops the WHOLE athlete, not just their athletic ability. Our coaches will build and constantly improve their coaching philosophy while creating a foundation for their players to grow and achieve goals both on and off the volleyball court.

Here is a sneak peak of the FORCE P.O.I.N.T System, check back next month on our blog for the full overview of how this system will be implemented this season!

Experience Houston Force Volleyball for yourself at one of our many training events to see our coaching philosophies and systems at work!


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