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Lessons Learned From Former Players - Episode 1

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

The Importance and Impact of Speed & Agility

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Volleyball is a game of movement: setting up for a play, reading a play, transitioning to defense, popping out to hit, blocking footwork, transitioning back to base, the approach, and more. There is almost never a time that you are complete still during a play, which is why at Houston Force we focus on these foundational skills!


In our first episode of "Lessons Learned from Past Players", we are so excited to feature Coach Shayla Bee to learn how speed and agility were critical turning points in her athletic career!

Coach Shayla has detailed the key points below to help you and your athlete learn why speed and agility are core fundamentals to focus on throughout your volleyball career.

Meet Coach Shay!

What is Speed & Agility?

Top Two Benefits for Speed & Agility Training

Coach Shay's Story for the Importance and Application of Speed & Agility


We are excited to have our coaches lead skill-specific and applied trainings focusing on foundational needs like speed and agility.

Check your email and our website for upcoming training opportunities throughout the season!


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