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Take A Sneak Peek at Our New Facility's Build Progress!

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We're excited to share the progress we've made in building our very own facility to call Home for Houston Force. Located near the crossroads of Gaston and Katy Flewellen, our new facility will be an amazing space for our athletes to train, compete, and call home.

We're aiming to have the facility completed in late August/early September 2023, and it will be around 7,700 square feet with 3 courts. We're also excited to highlight some additional features of the facility, including top-of-the-line net and court systems, which will provide our athletes with the best possible training and competition environment.

One of the features that we're particularly excited about is the decision to install hardwood floors for the court system. Compared to sport court-style floors, hardwood is a top-of-the-line choice. It doesn't collect as much dust or accumulate condensation, which will keep our athletes safe during practice or competition through the wet winters and bone dry summers!

We've also chosen to use Sport Imports net systems, these systems have been tested for unequaled structural strength and safety. These net systems are used across high schools, colleges, and professional organizations. By using high-quality net systems we are digging into the mental game to form a sense of normality, removing any distractions or changes from training to competition.

During competition, we'll have 2 courts for games, with bleacher-style seating available between courts and restrooms nearby. We'll also have 3 courts available for practice, which means more court time availability for our athletes. We have a pretty awesome game plan for this facility as we approach the new season, part of that plan includes training the whole athlete, not just the volleyball player. Get ready for agility, speed, cross-trainings, and the core volleyball practices since we have our the owners of our destiny in this facility!

Overall, we're thrilled about the progress we've made on our new facility and can't wait to show it off to our athletes, parents, and fans. We hope this update has gotten you just as excited about the new space as we are!

Thank you for your continued support and commitment to Houston Force!

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